Be Thankful

Taking time to be thankful is a rewarding discipline.  

Constantly striving for more tomorrow can lead to a genuine lack of satisfaction over what you have today.  I have learnt to spend more time appreciating what I do have, and to be grateful for the simple pleasures I can enjoy.

I live in a beautiful part of the world, Albufeira in The Algarve in Portugal.  If you know it you’ll know what I mean and if you don’t think golden sandy beaches and beautiful waves within a minute’s walk from my apartment.

I totally love the beach, the smell of the sand, the sound of the sea and the pure rawness, especially over winter when the tourists have long departed from their summer holiday.  I can stare at the sea and just be thankful that I live here and can appreciate this every day. When  we were locked down with Covid-19 restructions in both 2020 and 2021 I yearned to be back on the beach and it was that, more than anything, that I missed from our normal routine.

There is nothing wrong with goal setting and nothing wrong in pushing yourself to achieve them. However, don’t be too tough on yourself in between.  You may be in a better state of health, be wealthier or even living in a different place next week or next year, but be also thankful for what you have today.

What am I thankful of?

My wife and son.

My lifestyle.

My health.

My business.

My friends.

Take time to be thankful for everything that you have. You can always have more, but you could also have less.

What next?

Book a slot in your diary and make it a regular appointment. It can be daily, weekly or monthly, but ensure it repeats. Go to a quiet place where you feel inspired. And write down all the things you have right now that you are thankful for and that give you joy. Keep your list and any time you feel stressed and under pressure review it.

Take care. Niall

I’m Niall McGinnity and I am the Founder of Nuvem9. I trained with Deloitte and was admitted to Chartered Accountants Ireland in 2002.

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